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USA Team Tennis Adult
usa teamtennisAdultYou remember the fun of playing on a team, don't you? Pulling for your teammates? Delivering in the clutch? Exaggerating the tales of your achievements at the post-game get-togethers? If you think you can't get the sort of thrills that come from being part of a team while playing tennis, you're wrong. USA Team Tennis for adults is all about recapturing all the unique joys of playing on a team while playing a singularly great sport. USA Team Tennis stages organized team matches in a friendly, laid-back environment. Here, it's all about having a good time; the emphasis is on fun, fitness, and the social benefits of the game. It's a great way to develop your game and develop new friendships at the same time. As players in USA Team Tennis improve, they may continue on in the program or opt for the more competitive USA League Tennis play. Just something to keep in mind as you consider exaggerating those stories of on-court success!