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You're a competitor, looking for an organized game, new to Northwest Ohio, and want to make friends, then the USTA League program is for you. Physically, you may be in the office or at home, but your mind is on the tennis court. You just love to play tennis. There's a name for people like you: UTSA League player. UTSA League is the country's largest recreational tennis league, providing organized, structured team matches for men and women of all ability levels. Teams consist of either all women or all men, and because all teams are set up according to a self-rate Dynamic NTRP rating, you're always sure that you'll be facing off against someone of comparable ability. That keeps the competition lively and the atmosphere social, in a format that features two singles and three doubles matches per match. As part of a team, you've got a built-in support entourage and a group of friends to socialize with. The USTA League program is open to men and women 18 years of age and older, and features local, district, and section championships, culminating in a national championship. There's no better way to have fun and make friends while playing the game you love. Our programs have expanded to include adults 18 and over, 40 and Over, and 55 and over.  In addition we have  mixed doubles 18 and Over (men & women combine to make a team), Mixed Doubles 40 and over,  combo doubles (combine your rating to make a team),  Whether you're a beginner or you're in a league of your own as a player, we've got a USTA league team for a player like you.

Goal of the league is to provide 10-12 matches per season but is dependent on the number of teams registered.

Per USTA regulations:  Two team leagues must meet the 60% at NTRP level rule.  Teams are scheduled to play each other a minimum of 5x. -No playoffs

In most situation we follow the below formats for scheduling except during Mixed and Combo 


3 or 4 teams -constitutes on flight and play each other 3x -no playoffs

8 or less teams-constitutes one flight (plays each other 2x in a season) no playoffs

9-17 Plays each team in flight 1x with playoffs - # of teams in playoffs (see Championship format)

18 -21  teams- Divided into three flights - top team in each flight goes to playoffs

22 or more teams -split into two flights -top team in each flight goes to playoffs.


*****In some incidents especially during Mixed and Combo in order to have within the # of weeks we will have a shortened season. The number of matches will be determined by the number of weeks available and teams in the league.



For more information contact our League Coordinator: Amy Beaverson @  nwotaleagues@att.net or phone & fax:  (419) 472-1095. or our District Executive Director, Sheryl Birch:  Office:  419-297-7134 or email her:  nwota4birch@buckeye-express.com