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Winter Junior Team Tennis

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Winter Junior Team Tennis

14 and under

Matches are Sundays 3:30p.m.-5:30p.m.

at Perrysburg Tennis Center

March 1st through April 5th

Matches are coed and will be held on Sundays afternoons. All matches are scheduled at Perrysburg Tennis Center from 3:30p.m.-5:30p.m. You do not have to be a club member to participate. There is a online registration fee of $16.00 (includes Nike shirt)and then each match that you play the cost is $10.00 a person for court time and can be paid at the front desk at the club.

In order to participate the student must be a USTA member, before they play their first match. The cost for membership is $18.00 for a junior membership (for 1 year and includes Smash Magazine) The USTA cost for the season is $16.00. This fee is paid online at www.usta.com under tennislink/USATeamTennis. (see below)

To buy and/or renew a membership you need to go to USTA. com and follow the directions to either purchase a membership or renew a membership or call 1-800-933-USTA.

To Register online for the team you will need you team # from your coach or Amy (nwotaleagues@att.net)

Go to the USTA.com

Click on TENNISLINK(on the top of the page)

Click on Team Tennis (Center of page)

Click on Register for a team (right hand side)

Enter your USTA #, Team #

Enter credit card information

If your team is not listed below, the coach should email Amy at nwotaleagues@att.net so that she can set up your team #.

14 and under

Team Number Team Name

856697434 Laurel Hill 14 and under
856697427 Perrysburg Tennis Center
856697429 Shadow Valley
856697435 Sylvania 14 and under

High School

Team Number Team Name Stats &
856695474 Bedford Stats & Standings
856691918 Bowsher High School Stats & Standings
856695384 Laurel Hill (High School) Stats & Standings
856694767 Maumee Stats & Standings
856691921 Sylvania High School Stats & Standings
856694694 Wauseon Stats & Standings