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NWO Junior Rankings; Junior Tennis Information; Qualifier Endorsement; Ranking/Seeding Regulations; Youth Team Tennis; High School Team Tennis


Boys 18
Mike O’Connell (22)    
James O’Connell (46)    
Adam Shaeffer (70)    
James Davis (71)    
Jeremy Dominik (142)
Boys 16     
Kyle Collette (126)    
Tyler Sbrocchi (128)    
Landon Neuman (130)   
Ben Bischoff (131)    
Boys 14     
Alexander Hager (158)   
Evan Neuman (159)
Adam Swick (170)    
Eric North (171)    
Kyle Doyle (172)    
Jacob Kuhn (187)    
Boys 12     
Jeff Schorsch (60)    
Ryan Jorgensen (91)    
Tom Bartlett (96)    
Karan Padda (114)    
Devon Sbrocchi (144)
Conor Majdalani (156)

Girls 18 
Kristi Frilling (3) 
Neela Vaez (12) 
Shweta Pai (101)
Nicole Dzubay (117)

Girls 16
Neela Vaez (1)
Julia Metzger (72)
Kelly O’Connell (113)
Kate Goudy (128)
Anita Dewan (161)
Lindsay Shaeffer (163)
Emma Haley (164)
Radhika Mehta (166)

Girls 14
J.J. Price (917)
Meredith Morse (23)
Victoria Goudy (84)
Julia Metzger (91)
Tara Majdalani (110)
 Heather Jorgensen (148)
Madhuri Mehta (150)
Mallory Messenger (151)
Jaclyn Metzer (1877)

Girls 12
Serena Dasani (59)
Meredith McDonagh (134)
Morgan Delp (163)
Drew Fillis (165)


Boys 18
Mike O’Connell

Girls 18
Neela Vaez      
Kristy Frilling

Girls 16  
Neela Vaez  
Kristy Frilling  

Girls 14
Julia Metzger

NWOTA Junior Tennis Information

The NWOTA Junior Competition Committee would like to inform parents, players and coaches of the various programs that NWOTA offers junior players. We believe that education is the greatest tool we have.  Valuable information is included for upcoming changes in junior tennis. If you have any questions or are interested in participating in one or more of these programs, please contact Mark Faber, 419-536-8306 or Pat Ortner, 419-626-6250.

Ranking System
In April of 2005, the USTA/Midwest Section will propose a Points Per Round (PPR) ranking system.  This system is based on how far a player advances in a tournament versus their wins and loses.  This system promotes play and will be much easier to follow.  The system will award points for how far a player advances in the main or back draw.  If this passes, NWOTA will put together the same type of ranking system for the district.  All of this will start in January of 2006.  More information will follow to help all players, parents and coaches understand the system.

Junior Team Events
Players in NWOTA all have the chance to represent the District in a Team event.  The players for these teams will be selected by criteria established by the coaches and approved by the NWOTA board.  The basic criterion for selection is based on National, Midwest and District seedings, standing and rankings.  Below are the teams that players can play on:

• Davis Cup (18 and under boys)
• Wightman Cup (18 and under girls)
• 14 and under Davis/Wightman Cup (14 and under boys and girls)
• Mary Selig Team Championships (12 and under boys and girls)
• Junior Team Tennis (all ages, teams are formed at private and public clubs, parks and rec, and high schools)
• CTC Team Tournament (open to players that participated in the CTC)

This supplementary training program is available in three levels and invitations are sent to all juniors participating in the NWO Junior Qualifier.  The Developmental Team is for 10 and under juniors in the district.  The purpose of this group is to get kids together at a young age and promote team play in a fun, learning environment.  The CTC Team (Competition Training Center), is the nationally recognized program through which the district’s top 12-14 and under players can train together as a team, with an emphasis on fitness, good sportsmanship and competition in a fun, learning environment.  Other opportunities these players have beyond their monthly centers are team matches against other districts, and a sectional CTC Tournament.  Both events give the players the opportunity to represent their district.  The Elite Team is a program where the district’s top 16-18 and under players train together during the winter months.  These players train once a month and also play matches against other districts.  All of these programs are supplementary programs and are taught by various tennis professionals throughout the district at sites around Northwest Ohio.

Tournament Play
NWOTA offers many junior tennis tournaments throughout the district.  The largest event in the district is the NWO Junior District Qualifier.  This event is held in June and helps to qualify players for the Midwest Closed Sectional Championships in Lansing, Michigan or Indianapolis, Indiana.

Rankings and Seedings
To find out more about the NWOTA ranking requirements, endorsement procedure and seeding list information, please turn to pages _____.  It is VERY important to understand these various lists and their meaning.  NWOTA ranks juniors in the 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 and under age divisions.

College Night
In 2005-2006, we are planning to sponsor a district college night to help educate our junior players about various playing opportunities at a college level.  Watch your clubs for more details.

PLEASE NOTE--The Midwest Section has produced a Coaches Guidebook for Junior Tennis.  The book covers all aspects of junior tennis from school’s programs to high performance playing.  If you are a coach and would like a copy, please contact the Midwest Section at 317-577-5130.



USTA/Midwest Section Northwestern Ohio District



A junior player must play in the Northwestern Ohio Qualifier to be considered for endorsement to the Midwest Closed Championships.

For the 2005 Midwest Closed Championships NWOTA quotas are:

B 12, 14, 16, 18                         5                                    128
G 12, 14, 16, 18                         5                                    128

The USTA Midwest Section recommends that each district endorse a portion of their quota based solely on advancement to a specific round at the District Qualifier and to empower the District Endorser to select a portion of the District’s quota based on a comparison of the overall records of eligible players.  This recommendation has been adopted by the NWOTA Board and is consistent with the endorsing process and philosophy which accommodates:

1. A player with a “good” record who “falls flat” at the District Qualifier.
2. A player with a weak record who does well at the District Qualifier.

For 2005, players will be endorsed as follows:

DIVISION                       AUTOMATIC*                      PLAYERS SELECTED AT LARGE**

B 12, 14, 16, 18                      4                                                             1
G 12, 14, 16, 18                      4                                                             1

*Automatic refers to those players with endorsements based on a certain round in the District Qualifier.
** Players selected by the District Endorser will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
1. Head to head competition
2. Common opponents
3. Advancement in the Qualifier
4. Computer ranking
5. Current player record

Juniors who wish to be endorsed to the Midwest Closed, but are unable to play the NWO Junior Qualifier, may apply for an exemption from the District Qualifier.  Their request should be directed, in writing, to the District Endorsers – Mark Faber (Boys) and Kim Pacella (Girls).  The request for exemption must contain all pertinent records including, but not limited to, a physician’s excuse two weeks prior to the first day of the District Qualifier.  If the exemption is granted, that player will be considered for endorsement based on his/her player record.  Final endorsements to the USTA/Midwest Closed will be approved by the NWOTA Board .



Ranking Eligibility (Junior players are responsible for maintaining and verifying their player records on the Internet):
1.   A player must be a member of the USTA and a permanent resident of the Northwestern Ohio District, and be
eligible for the category in which he/she competes.

Age Requirements:
If you compete in USTA-sanctioned events, you may play an age division until the month in which you age up, or, in other words, until your birthday month.  This means that players who are 12, 14, 16 or 18 years old may continue to play in their 12, 14, 16 or 18 age division until the month in which they turn 13, 15, 17 or 19 respectively.
For example:  A player who turns 15 in October, may play in the 14 and under age division up to and through September 30.  Starting October 1, this player MUST play in the 16 and under age division.

What if the starting date of a tournament is in one month and ends in the next month?  The starting date of a tournament determines the player’s eligibility for that tournament.
For example:  A player who turns 15 in April is eligible to play the 14 and under age division in a tournament that starts in March and continues into April.

(January 1, 2005 – December 31, 2005)
 Age Division                            Born                             End of Eligibility                                                            
        18                                      1986                             Last day of month preceding month of 19th birthday
        18                                      1987 and later             Eligible all year
        16                                      1988                             Last day of month preceding month of 17th birthday
        16                                      1989 and later             Eligible all year
        14                                      1990                             Last day of month preceding month of 15th birthday
        14                                      1991 and later             Eligible all year
        12                                      1992                             Last day of month preceding month of 13th birthday
        12                                      1993 and later             Eligible all year
        10                                      1994                             Last day of month preceding month of 11th birthday
        10                                      1995 and later             Eligible all year

II.  Minimum Tournament Requirements:
     Northwest Ohio changed the regulations for rankings to match those of the Midwest Section.  After reviewing the regulations and discussions with players and parents, we have decided to create an easier (in achieving and following) system.  They are:

To qualify for a NWO ranking (12 months of data from January 1st – December 31st  in any age division you

     1.   Play NWO Qualifier, plus 1 District or Non-District Tournament or
     2.   Play NWO Indoor Championship, plus 2 other Tournaments (In District or Non-District)
The primary reasons for these changes are:
     To promote more age-level play in an effort to assure more accuracy in the rankings;
     To put more emphasis on the NWO Qualifier;
     Attempt to encourage the top NWO players to get a ranking and in turn bring more credibility to NWO;
     To strive to make the NWO ranking system more compatible with other sections.


      1.   If a player defaults a scheduled match in a tournament FOR ANY REASON (including scheduled consolations or
            play offs), that tournament will NOT count toward meeting the minimum tournament requirements for ranking consideration.
      2.   All matches between players in the ranking population started or completed in any USTA-sanctioned tournament
            in the age group for which a ranking is sought are counted in the ranking procedure, regardless of whether or not
            the tournament is counted toward the minimum tournament requirements.  A default which occurs before the first
            serve of a match is considered for ranking purposes.
      3.   In ranking any given age group, results from the other age groups and any prior years will not be considered.

IV.  To be included on the NWOTA SEEDING (12 months of play in all age divisions played.  A seeding list
       includes rolling data/results from the last 12 months of play.  The SEEDING list is NOT a Ranking List):
      1.   A player must play in the Northwest Ohio District Qualifier, OR
      2.   The NWOTA District Indoor Championship, OR
      3.   Beat a player who has a win in either one of these tournaments. 

V.  All ranking/seeding inquiries MUST be submitted in writing to:  NWOTA, P.O. Box 352950, Toledo, OH 





     Amy Beaverson—Coordinator  Watch for upcoming May date for 2005 Season!

The Northwest Ohio District offers the following youth USA Team Tennis program for ages 6 – 18. 
USA Team Tennis for youth is divided into three divisions:
          1.   Red Division – Ralleyball - For students ages 6 to 12, at the beginner play level (JNTRP 1.0 – 2.5 rating)
          2.   White Division - For students ages 10 to 14, at the intermediate to advanced play level. (JNTRP 2.5 – 4.5)
          3.   Blue Division - For students ages 13 to 18, at all levels (JNTRP rating 1.0 – 5.0) great for high school players

The 2003 season was a banner year for NWO.  We had a record breaking 1,614 youth participating in the USA Team Tennis program district wide.  Kudos to all the coordinators for their hard work!

The USA Team Tennis District Qualifier was held on July 26th at Shadow Valley Tennis Club.  We had 4 divisions:  White Novice, White Stars, Blue Stars and a Combined Stripes division.  We had a total of 25 teams and 167 participants.  Each player received a USA Team Tennis t-shirt and lunch (hotdog, chips, and pop).  The winning teams for the 12 & under received trophies.  The winners of the other divisions won USA lunch sacks and lunch coolers.  Sportsmanship trophies were also given to a boy and girl in each age category.  The White Divisions started play at 9:00 a.m. and finished at 4:00 p.m.  The back draw was moved to Laurel Hill at 2:00 p.m. due to rain.  The Blue Division started play at approximately 11:00 a.m. and the finals ended at 5:00 p.m.


     White Novice                 Shadow Valley Tennis Club #1                          1st place
     White Stars                    Laurel Hill                                                             1st place
                                             Perrysburg Rec                                                    2nd place
     Blue Stars                      Greensprings #2                                                 1st place
                                             Toledo Tennis Club                                             2nd place
     White Stripes                 Shadow Valley Tennis Club #1                         1st place
     Blue Stripes                   Westowne                                                            1st place

Reported by:  Amy Beaverson – Toledo USA Team Tennis Coordinator – Youth


The “new” league of High School girls participated in a round robin at Shadow Valley Tennis Club on Tuesday July 30th.  There were 40 girls who attended from various teams that had participated in the High School team tennis league.  We had matches for singles and doubles players with most girls playing 3 or more rounds of 8 game pro sets.  We served pizza and pop and each girl received a team tennis t-shirt.  The event lasted from noon-4:00 p.m.

Amy Beaverson is responsible for the start of the USA High School Team Tennis program.  We anticipate continued growth in this area.