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The 2004 Team Northwest Ohio (NWOTA), is well under way.  Once again this group is broken down into two groups: CTC Team and Elite Team.  This program is one that mirrors one similar program run in the State of Colorado and one of the most comprehensive programs run in the Midwest Section.  The idea behind these programs is to supplement what our district’s players are already doing and bring the top juniors together to train once a month. 

The CTC Team is run off of the USTA Competitive Training Center Program.  The group is designed for juniors that are 14 and under.  Each session last 6 hours and includes playing tennis, but sports science sessions as well as fitness testing.  One of the highlights from the sports science sessions is a trip to the grocery store to educate the players on proper nutrition.  The players will have the chance to represent the District at a Sectional CTC Tournament.  Some other highlights of the center will be matches against other centers from Northeast Ohio, Central Indiana and Southeastern Michigan.  A new item that we will be setting up for the players and parents of our center will be an educational session run by the USTA/Midwest Section High Performance Staff.

The Elite Team is a program put together for those players that are to old for the CTC Team.  This group gets together once a month for 4 hours at a time.  This program is also a supplemental program for the juniors in our district.  Each session focuses on tennis strategy and tactics, but also sports science issues from mental toughness to being able to get the most out of your game.  The group will also be playing groups from Northeast Ohio, possibly Central Indiana and Ohio Valley.
Currently the program has over 40 juniors participating.  These juniors are from all over the District.  The centers will be held facilities throughout the District and we would like to thank all the facilities that have donated their courts for the development of our juniors.  A big thank you also goes out to all the coaches that have participated in the center.

2004 – 2005 Team NWOTA participants:

CTC Team                                                               
Tom Bartlett                                                                                    
Ben Craig                                                      
Ryan Evarts                                                       
Jason Jerew                                                                             
David Hoops                   
Joe Hotz                           
Andy Hotz                                                         
Mark Hotz                                                      
Nirbhay Jain                                                             
Eyad Jarra                        
Ryan Jorgensen                                                           
Malcolm Leake                                                      
Brad McDonagh   
Meredith McDonagh   
Derek Mason    
Conner Majdalani   
Darren Ng
Anjali Naik  
Rlushil Naik                      
Megan Roberts
Nancy Rumpf
Devon Sbrocchi
Austin Sbrocchi
Amy Schlessman
Neha Vyas
Jacque Weir 
Dru Yadav
Lucy Zanville

Elite Team
Kwame Christian
Jacob Craig
Kyle Doyle
Sarah Edwards
Peter Jajou
Heather Jorgensen 
Jay Kenney
Jacob Kuhn 
Kristina Maiberger
Brian Meyer  
Elliot Parker
Jason Rentner
Tyler Sbrocchi 
Jeff Schrosch
Ricky Swanson
Rushi Vyas


Respectfully submitted,
Mark Faber, Head Coach
Sheryl Birch, Administrator