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10 and Under Tournament Play Recognition

Over the past year, the Midwest Section has strongly encouraged play in the 10 and under age division. Northwest Ohio has developed a program, that not only encourages play in this age division, but also recognizes the players who participate in the tournaments. Northwest Ohio has devised a points per round system that rewards youngsters for advancing in tournament play, while it does not punish anyone for losing. Below you will find the rules governing point distribution for this program, as well as, the first groupings for the players that participated in 2003.

Rules governing distribution of points in a tournament:

  1. To receive points, a player must play a match. Defaults, byes and retirements before a set is complete do not count as matches won for points. (If a set was completed, then the match would count as played for the purpose of awarding points).
  2. Kids will be grouped into equal groups based on point totals. (Group size will be based on the number of total tournament participants throughout the year to give all juniors recognition for playing)
  3. We want to reward and encourage juniors to play their age division.
  4. Points will be awarded for wins in each round as follows:

Main Draw Back Draw
Rd of 64 = 6 Rd of 32 = 5
Rd of 32 = 8 Rd of 16 = 7
Rd of 16 = 10 Qtrs. = 9
Qrts. = 14 Semi. = 11
Semi. = 16 Final = 12
Final = 20

Round Robin Wins
Each win would = 5 points

Groupings based on 2003 participation:

Group A Group A
J. Buckey C. Beck
D. Hoops K. Dorwart
N. Jain D. Fillis
A. Jamieson G. Haidar
M. Mehta G. Morse
A. Paterwich N. Rumpf
J. Saddemi N. Vyas
A. Sbrocchi  
Group B Group B
E. Bechtel A. Bhat
M. Haidar B. Canigilia
J. Hotz S. Delp
M. Leak A. McKay
J. Leonard C. Messenger
D. Ng S. Minder
I. Trickey L. Zanville
Group C  
B. Craig  
J. North  
S. Shin  
A. Swick