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Doubles Play and Foreits

Doubles Play and Foreits

What happens when a captain expects/states that the #1 position (singles or doubles) will be there shortly, so the opposing captain permits the other positions (#2 and/or #3) to go on the court and start/complete matches, and then the team (or person) doesn't show up and a default is recorded at the #1 position?


Regulation 3.03L Championship Procedures
covers this issue as to how forfeits are to be taken. The #2 singles before the #1 singles; The #3 doubles before the #2 and the #2 doubles before the #1 doubles. Championship regulations/procedures apply unless a section has developed its own regulation/procedures.

  • That said, if due to unforeseen circumstances, the captains allow (either by word or failure to prevent) a lower position to start out of sequence and later the higher match ends up a default - all matches stand as played.

The captains accepted the conditions under which match was played when (s)he permitted the lower positions to start - All matches played in good faith stand.