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2010 Sr. and Adult Championship

2010 Northwestern Ohio District Winners
Senior Teams
3.0 Sr. Women Night NWO Jacob/Wamer-IND
3.5 Sr Women NWO Coburn/Frederick-Find
4.0 Sr Women Night NWO Heck-Findlay
3.5 Sr. Men NWO Radel/Obert Maumee HS
4.0 Sr Men NWO Heidtman TTC
Adult Teams
2.5 Women NWO-Sloan/Woodward- SVC
3.0 W. Night NWO Ralph-IND
3.5 W Night NWO Dills/McCullough-PTC
4.0 W Night NWO Rachwal/Forrester-SVC
3.0 Men NWO Kiel/Mattas(Head Case)-PTC
3.5 Men NWO Taylor -SVC
4.0 Men NWO Wilkins-TTC
4.5 Men NWO Hughes -SVC
5.0 Men NWO Barden IND
 Congratulations to 5.0 Men and 3.5 Women for winning at States and representing NWOTA and Ohio at Sectional Championships